Warriors of The Forest


Cryingstar [She-Cat] [21 moons]: A pale cream she-cat with a white underbelly, and dark cream stripes. One eye is blind and the other is heterochromia - dark and light green split down the middle. She has an extremely long tail and is proud of it. She is a proud and tough she-cat who will do anything she can to get what she wantséneeds. She`s loyal to her clan and wants to choose a strong deputy, but she can make bad decisions a lot of the time. [cupcakefrosting]


Falconheart [Tom] [30 moons]: A rather small, slender short-haired bengal tom. His eyes are spring green, while his whiskers are medium in length. His small body frame makes him an excellent hunter, being very agile on his paws. However, this being said what where he excels in speed, he isn't all that strong put up against a large muscular cat. he tries to use his agility to his advantage when fighting. Loyalty defines Falconheart. It is his reason to live each day. His clan is his life, his family, his everything. From the moment he awakes to the moment he surrenders himself to sleep, it's all about his clan. he won't eat till everyon is fed, and will stand proud in front of any enemy that tries to harm is friends. If it meant throwing himself in front of a monster to save a clan mate, he would do so-despite his life being taken in the process.  Falconheart will stand up for what he believes in head on. Though he fears many things, he has taught himself to push it aside and focus on what really matters- removing all negativity in order to protect his loved ones. When it comes to kits and younger cats, Falconheart is one of the most loving Toms you could ever meet. He could spend hours at a time just playing and entraining the small kits, not for his enjoyment- but for theres. It warms his heart to see the excited sparkle in their eyes. She-cats are one of Falconhearts biggest weaknesses. If he is interested in any she-cat, he will become a stuttering mouse-brain in a matter of seconds. He is extremely shy around anything involving love- quite the klutz actually. Being a very loyal cat has its drawbacks. Threaten his family or friends- insult them in the slightest way and he will snap in the blink of an eye. He isn't becoming hostile because he wants to, but rather to protect his friends when they cannot. [winchester] 

Medicine Cat

Hazelleaf [She-Cat]: [32 moons]: A small light brown she-cat. She has large hazel eyes. She is sweet and caring. She speaks to starclan often. She is very stubborn and is very good with herbs and healing.She has a firey personality and does not take no for a answer. [Ace]

Medicine Cat Apprentice

Shadowpaw [She-Cat] [10 moons]: Shadowpaw is a sleek, muscular black she-cat with blue turquoise eyes. Don't underestimate her. Even though she deals with herbs now, she didn't always; Shadowpaw used to train as a warrior apprentice. She is a stubborn, determined cat. She likes to joke around, and can be snappy at times. Her temper doesn't always hold; at those times, she has cutting remarks on the tip of my tongue like claws on her paws. However, she's usually pretty happy. Shadowpaw's good at cheering cats up, and she's pretty understanding. [Kornelia]


Brindleheart [She-Cat] [25 moons]: Brindleheart is a brownish-colored she-cat with dark blue eyes. Her sister is Briarthorn. Brindleheart likes to think of herself as a tom-boy. She likes to practice battle techniques and go on border patrols rather than playing with kits and crushing over toms. Brindleheart is out-going, straightforward and fearless. [Ferret] 

Briarthorn [She-Cat] [25 moons]: Briarthorn is a small, light brown-golden-colored she-cat. She has dark blue eyes just like her sister, Brindleheart. Briarthorn is very different from her sister. She is shy, gentle, and quite diligent with her duties as a warrior. She loves kits and hopes that one day she will have some of her own. [Ferret] Apprentice - Mintpaw

Jayfrost [Tom] [26 moons]: Jayfrost is a long haired light brown tom with dark brown flecks running through his pelt, he also has a white underbelly and his tail is tipped white. His eyes are a deep ocean blue color. Hes very nice and dedicated to his clan. He does his best to make sure the clan comes first. He really wants a mate and kits himself because he adores kits. [samsamii1]  Apprentice -  Larkpaw

Featherstone [Tom] [34 moons]:  Featherstone is a seal lynx-point tom with a cream body and brown tabby markings on his face, paws, and tail. His two front paws are white. He has frosty blue eyes, which are surprisingly calm. He is a tom of respect and self-control. However, due to his loner history, he is capable of inflicting injury if need be.  [Goldfish]  Apprentice - Jackalpaw


Larkpaw [Tom] [11 moons]: Larkpaw is a quiet cat; he's a bluish gray tom with dark indigo blue eyes. He's very insecure of himself and often finds himself stumbling over his words because of his shyness. He keeps to himself because of this and doesn't really sociable. Nobody really knows much over Larkpaw because he's so quiet and often cats find to ignore him. [Amber]

Jackalpaw [Tom] [6 moons]: is a small, mottled brown and gray tom with black paws and ice-blue eyes. He is strong-hearted, open-minded, and disobedient. He is also brave, reckless, ambitious, and kind. He is 6 moons old. [Wolfshadow]

Mintpaw [She-cat] [7 moons]: Shes is a long haired cream-colored she-cat with variations of cream flecks through her pelt. She also has a long bushy tail. She speaks with a soft voice almost like a whisper. She blames herself easily, often does favors for others, however she is very considerate of others emotions. She is kind, giving, and is willing to do a lot for her clan and clanmates. [samsamii1]




Spiderkit [Tom] [5 moons]: Spiderkit is a young, average sized tom cat with a purely black pelt. He has dark amber eyes that are always full of wonder and amusement. He`s got long skinny legs and a long, skinny tail, making him quite the unbalanced little fella most of the time, however when he runs, he runs like the wind and nothing can topple him over. He is a curious cat who`s always up for a good adventure. He`s constantly getting himself into trouble, but he never seems phased. [Berry]



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October 12th, 2014

The site has official been reopened! Please join and tell your friends to join as well!

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Deputies and Medicine Cat Apprentices:

Deputies and Medicine Cat Apprentices will be selected by the Leader & Medicine Cat. 

If you are chosen as either position and do not want it, you are allowed to decline the offer.

Leaders should PM their deputy selection to both Berry and the selected person.

Medicine Cats should PM their apprentice selection to both Berry and the selected person.

Once the selected person has agreed, then the Leader/Medicine Cat may announce their decision in the roleplay.

Please do not give away the surprise if you are selected!


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20. We reserve the right to delete any inactive players without notice. All deleted characters will be saved in a Word document and may be added back upon request.