Warriors of The Forest




Riot [Tom] [18 moons]: Riot is a brown tabby tom cat with amber eyes. He is quite muscular and is always chasing after mice within his nest and the nest's surrounding territory. Riot is quite brash and loud, stating his opinions whether others want to hear them or not. He's curious, but only to a certain extent. He acts much braver than he really his, always speaking without really ever doing. Riot has heard of the clan cats before and keeps his distance from the woods, however he enjoys conversing with loners and rouges that pass by, but only from the safety from atop his nest's fence. [Berry] 

Duchess [She-Cat] [21 moons]: A solid white cat with gold eyes and long fur. She has a busy tail. She is quite and likes to watch other cats. She loves her home and never plans on leaving them. She likes to visit other cats that she lives close to. She doesn't dare go near the wood ls where the mean wild cats live. She has a bright pink collar with a pink now on it. She likes to catch birds but doesn't eat it, she likes to give it to her humans for a present. She's sweet and caring. [Ace]

Caesar [Tom] [25 moons]: Caesar is a large orange and white tabby tom with bright, leafy-green eyes. He was born into the life of a kittypet and loves every minute of it. He loves the protection, attention, and food that his two-legs give him and that is the reason that he has never left his kittypet life. He has heard many stories about clan cats and prefers to keep his distance from them. Caesar isn't a very social cat and would rather sleep in a windowsill or lay outside in the grass. He met the she-cat of his dreams and they had two kits together. However, one kit didn't survive due to a dog-attack. His two-legs moved into another neighborhood and he never got to see his mate again. He is lucky to still have his surviving kit- Clara. [Ferret]

Clara [She-Cat] [9 moons]: Clara is a small, white she-cat with black and orange markings scattered around her pelt. She has dull yellow eyes that mimic her mother's. Clara is a very daring and trouble-making she-cat. She loves to get her adrenaline pumping and find mischievious things to do. Unlike her fat and lazy father, Clara is very fit and stealthy, which she uses to her advantage. Clara's favorite activities include annoying her father and sneaking out into the woods. She has no current interest in love, for she is to busy trying to have fun in her life. Although as she ages, she may mature and attempt to settle down one day. [Ferret]


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October 12th, 2014

The site has official been reopened! Please join and tell your friends to join as well!

I'm looking for some moderators to help me with the website, so if you are interested, please PM me and I will provide you with an application to fill out!

If you have any confusions or questions please feel free to ask me!


Deputies and Medicine Cat Apprentices:

Deputies and Medicine Cat Apprentices will be selected by the Leader & Medicine Cat. 

If you are chosen as either position and do not want it, you are allowed to decline the offer.

Leaders should PM their deputy selection to both Berry and the selected person.

Medicine Cats should PM their apprentice selection to both Berry and the selected person.

Once the selected person has agreed, then the Leader/Medicine Cat may announce their decision in the roleplay.

Please do not give away the surprise if you are selected!


There is no prophecy at the moment. If you have any ideas, please message Berry or Brownie with them!


Please follow these rules as best as you can. Each person is given three strikes before being banned from the website. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these rules, please PM me!

1. You must join as a member (this means creating a profile) and do not use names that are foolish. e.g, "SuperWarriorsFreak", "Crazygirl999", etc. Try to use a name that relates to at least one of your characters.

2. Do not roleplay until you have been approved.

3. You may not be your own mate.

4. Only join with characters you are actually going to roleplay. Adding and deleting extra cats is a lot a work!

5. Please RP “storybook” style. This means using proper grammar and punctuation.

6. Respect everyone on the site

7. Refrain from swearing please. This is a G rated site. If you absolutely must, star out your words or use a substitute.

9. Absolutely no detailed mating.

10. Please try to post at least three times a week.

11. This site is copyrighted. Anyone found stealing things off this site will suffer consequences.

12. There can not be two of the same names on the website. (e.g, Mistfur of Goldclan and Mistfur of Snowclan is unacceptable, but Mistfur of Goldclan and Mistriver of Snowclan are allowed)

13. To join please use the form provided on the Home page. PM all forms to Berry.

14. No hacking, impersonating or spamming. It’s rude and annoying.

15. No more than four cats per clan per person.

16. Do not make more than one account.

17. Please no advertising anywhere but the advertising chat on the Home page. If you advertise on our site, we will advertise all over yours.

18. Please make your posts as reader-friendly as possible so others can understand it. (Capitals, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling, grammar.)

19. Do not god-mod. There are three definitions of this. 1. Playing other characters. eg. Strawberry: Rosebird followed her. (Rosebird is not your character) 2. Making yourself appear god-like. e.g, Yellowknife stood at the edge of the cliff, being backed up by his attacker. He looked over the edge and noticed it was about a 1000 feet drop. He flipped backwards off the cliff and landed on all fours at the bottom. (No cat could do that. Not even in Warriors. This also goes for appearance. Do not make your character perfectly beautiful or handsome.) 3. Playing the role of "God". e.g, One moment the sun was shining down on the forest, but as soon as Yellowknife left his den, the rain began to pour down on him. (You do not control the weather. The only people who can control the weather are admins.)

20. We reserve the right to delete any inactive players without notice. All deleted characters will be saved in a Word document and may be added back upon request.