Warriors of The Forest



Ivystar [She-Cat] [40 moons]: Ivystar is a small she-cat with long brown, white and grey fur. She has large ivy green eyes. She is very passionate and a great fighter and an okay hunter. She is easily angered and has quite a temper, but she's a fair leader. [Ace]


Pinefur [Tom] [37 moons]: Pinefur is a long-haired dark brown tabby tom with black rings around the tip of his tail. He has very large pointy ears and dull amber eyes. He tends to be very social and loves to be around other cats. [Ferret] Apprentice: Jumppaw

Medicine Cat

Cloudedpool [Tom] [40 moons]: A long haired white tom with one bright blue eye(right side) and one clouded blue eye(left side). His clouded blue eye is actually because he is blind. He was born this way. He enjoys being a medicine cat because he loves being alone. He doesn't enjoy others company but does like being able to help the clan. He is easily annoyed and often snaps at everyone when they speak to him. [samsamii1]

Medicine Cat Apprentice



Whitewhisker [Tom] [28 moons]: He has a snow white pelt along with warm and friendly blue eyes. He is a serious but friendly cat, devoted to his clan and everyone in it. Being a complete gentle and caring cat, he always has time to listen. He was clan-born, but not in his current clan; he and his family lived in a different clan very far from his current one. A disaster seperated them all... Fortunately, Whitewhisker found a home, but he doesn't forgive himself and continues to search for his family. [Lilo & Stitch] Apprentice: Irispaw

Shimmerstream [She-Cat] [31 moons]: A medium sized calico she-cat with bright blue eyes. Her fur is medium length and her whisker are medium length as well. She is a very good hunter, but not so much a fighter. She is very good with herbs as well. Shimmerstream's personality is very warm-hearted and king. This she-cat is kind-hearted, caring and for the most part, loving. The one thing that she loves above all thing sare kits and hope to have some of her own one day. Fighting isn't something she enjoys, but will if she must. Her clan is imporant to her and therefore she will do anything for them. She tends to hng around kits, as she loves playing, teasing and entertaining them. She adores herbs, but because Medicine Cats are forbidden to have mates or kits, she always res her best as a Warrior. As a kit, Shimmerstream was found along the border of the clan along with what seemed to be her mother's frail, limp body. The clan cats believed that she had managed to walk to the borer before dying of either hunger or sickness. Along with her was a tom, and they assumed it to ber brother due to the similarity in pelt colours. The clan adopted both of them happily, a newly kitted queen took them in. Her name was Silverpetal. her mate was Venomspike. They treated Shimmerstream like their very own and not until the she-cat became an apprentice did she find out they weren't her real parents. The one thing that Shimmerkit loved more than anything was herbs. As a kit, she would spend all her time in the medicine den with the medicine cat ad her apprentice. She learned everything they had to offer, but sadly she never became the Medicine Cat apprentice because of the fact that she could never have kits of her own.  [winchester]

Seabird [She-cat] [40 Moons] : A tall and lanky white she-cat who has grey tabby marks that cover her whole body. She is sweet and docile, most of the time never getting into anybody's way. Though she seems prissy, Seabird is anything but. She prefers to do the hard work, and get her paws dirty. Seabird would rather spend all day working her tail off than in a nursery taking care of some kits. Maybe someday though. [Koda] 

Rabbitfur [Tom] [22 moons]:  Rabbitfur is a short black-and-white tom with distinct markings and sharp, yellow-green eyes. His fur is shaggy in appearance, but is actually quite soft, but not that anyone would know this. Rabbitfur is a tom that is obsessed with work, and it is unusual to see him taking a break. He believes there is always work to be done, and if he's capable of doing it, then he should do it. He strives to be successful, and always wishes to please the Clan leader. However the well-being of the Clan is the most important thing in his eyes, and he believes obeying the Warrior code is the only way to accomplish victory. He is aggressive and very impatient. But he is known to have a soft side for his brother, Novoice.  [Goldfish]

Goldfish [She-cat] [29 moons]:  Goldfish is a plump, short-legged caliby she-cat with red tabby and black patches covering her white body. Her fur is semi-lengthy and her eyes are round and green. She is sweet and kind by nature, and is very unlikely to defend herself in battle. She tends to be shy, but makes up for the skills she lacks with her surprisingly good hunting skills. She recently joined MeadowClan, having come from a city a long distance away.  [Goldfish]

Clearsky [She-Cat] [25 moons]: Clearsky is one of Cloudedpool's only surviving sisters from a litter after him though the family backgroud with the two is a blank page. Clearsky is adventurous and bubbly. Her dream is to find a mate and become a mother to many litters of kits. She loves kits and also enjoys helping her brother go out and gather herbs. She always makes sure the beddings in every den are nice and that the apprentices do their jobs well.  [samsamii1]


Irispaw [She-Cat] [12 moons]: Irispaw is a small gray she-cat with a white underbelly and a dash on her chin. She has soft blue eyes that seem to convey a shy and secretive persona. Irispaw however, is fairly blunt, but not loud. She says what she wants, when she wants. She is not afraid to question authority. That being said, Irispaw is willing to make conversation, but only upon being approached first. [Berry]

Jumppaw [Tom] [13 moons]: Had a delayed apprenticeship. When ready, will be given warrior ceremony. Jumppaw is a kind, tough cat. He can be kind of... lets say, dirt-place-mouthed sometimes, though. He's very defensive in front of his friends, and he talks back sometimes. [cupcakefrosting]




Swankit [She-cat] [5 moons]: that came from a faraway land that was always covered in deep snow, she has white fur with a tint of grey and she has a longer tail than normal. She is very shy and scared and rarely stands up for herself but when it is other cats on the line she takes out her anger and protects them fiercely. She has bright green eyes and she is a great tracker, but an even better hunter. She was never known for her attacks but they aren’t the worst she just needs work. She belongs to the lovely MoonClan and she hopes to impress them one day. She loves to hang out with other kits but often stays alone because she is too shy to ever approach another kit. [The Mighty Swan]

Birchkit [Tom] [6 moons]: Birchkit is a small, light golden tom with light blue eyes. He has a bright, bubbly personality and has a sense of humor. He can be quite the troublemaker though and often finds himself in many different situations. This tom also is very social and even ends up talking to strangers on his adventures. [Amber]


Novoice [Tom] [22 moons]: Novoice is a thin-furred, solid white tom with round blue eyes and large triangular ears. He has a very kit-like appearance about him, despite him being tall, and is quite playful and friendly when he wants to be, which is surprising considering he keeps his distance from the Clan by inhabiting the Elder's den. Novoice was born deaf, and to be kept safe, he's been kept in camp for as long as he can remember. This feeling keeps him frustrated and irritable at times, and he can become unfriendly. But these episodes are short and over before anyone really notices.  [Goldfish]

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