Warriors of The Forest


Fawnstar [She-Cat] [32 moons]: Fawnstar is a light-brown she-cat with darker speckles across her back. She has large brown eyes that seem to represent innocence and kindness. Fawnstar is quite nice, however she is loyal and takes her duty seriously. She is strict and does not tolerate stupidity or breaking the code. [Berry]


Jinxshade [She-Cat] [29 moons]: A small, slender black-she cat. She has short hair, and short whiskers. Her pelt is purely black, making it very easy for her to camouflage at night. Her eyes are a sea foam green, standing out against her fur. She is very skilled in the art of stealth, being very light and quick on her feet. This being said she isn't good when put up against larger enemies, so instead of using brute strength she uses lots of maneuvers and dodges. Jinxshade has accumulated the nickname "Shadow stalker" because she hates being around other cats, and if she is around them its against her wants. She is a very rude, snappy cat that doesn't take well to even the slightest of insult. She won't hesitate to snap at you with her words or claws- so beware what you say around her. [winchester] Apprentice - Wolfpaw 

Medicine Cat

Honeyfoot [She-Cat] [49 moons]: Honeyfoot is a long-haired cream colored she-cat with sparkling amber eyes. She is modest, optimistic, and warm-hearted. Her mother always wanted Honeyfoot to become an ambitious and powerful ShadeClan cat, but Honeyfoot never had the strength to even hurt a snake. When she was an apprentice, she and the rest of the Clan knew she didn't fit for the job of a ShadeClan warrior. [Ferret] 

Medicine Cat Apprentice



Riverfur [Tom] [31 moons]: A muscular gray tabby tom with blue eyes. Riverfur is a bitter cat, blaming himself for the loss of his brother and parents who drowned saving him from a river. Riverfur tends to push others away, afraid that anyone he gets close to will be swiped away from him. [Berry] Apprentice - Shootpaw
Nightshade [Tom] [31 moons]: He is a very proud tom, who thinks of himself very highly and capable of everything. His mostly arrogant yet efficient on whatever his task maybe, he also tends to be a major flirt. Appearance: He has a big and muscular build with a dark black pelt color, along with a pair of charming yellowish eyes. He also has a distinctive scar running just below his left eye. [Lilo & Stitch.]   Apprentice - Leafpaw
Nightlily [She-cat] [22 moons]: Nightlily is a small, petite shecat with a personality that seems to change with the passing days. She is, usually, a very kind helpful clan mate, often making sure everyone is doing well, even though she isn't a medicine cat. Some days she can be very hotheaded and arrogant but besides this, is a great shecat. Nightlily has a black pelt and forest green eyes. [Amber]  Apprentice - Mudpaw


Shootpaw [Tom] [13 moons]: Shootpaw is a long hair grey appretentice. He has broad shoulders and a flat face. He is stubborn and has a attitude and sarcastic. He is good a hunting and a brave cat. He would do anything for his clan and is really clever. He really like herbs and likes hanging around the medicine cat den. [Ace] 

Wolfpaw [Tom] [13 moons]: Wolfpaw is a large dark gray tom with brown eyes. He is strong, loyal, and self-confident. He has a passion for battle training and loves to show off his moves. He isn't to fond of she-cats yet because of his past. He had an abusive mother whenever he was a kit. She died from a Monster by the two-leg path. Because of his abusive mother, everybody started treating him with sympathy. He wanted to show the clan that he wasn't weak from his mother's abuse, so he developed his love for battle training. Now when she-cats try to come close into his life, he instinctively develops a hard shell and blocks them out. [Ferret]

Mudpaw [she-cat] [12 moons]: Mudpaw is a sleek, short-haired she-cat with a long, leopard-like tail. She has pale green eyes and a white throat. Mudpaw doesn't like her name, and hopes to be called Mudbird when she becomes a warrior.  She is very protective of her Clan, but she is quite reasonable. Mudpaw doesn't think very highly of herself, but she argues about what she thinks. [Kornelia]

Leafpaw [She-Cat] [10 moons]: Leafpaw is a light pale calico she-cat with pale green eyes that have darker flecks streaking through them. She had a lean and petite body but don't let that fool you. This she-cat isnt afraid to let her claws loose. As a kit she lived in a Rogue family who had a thirst for blood. She watched her parents kill endlessly. Other cats, animals, anything they could. They even attacked twoleg kits. The twolegs came and took her parents after they killed a twolegs dog. Leafpaw ran off and happened to come across Shadeclan and she was accepted into the clan. Even though she joined her attitude has remained the same. She isn't exactly blood thirsty but she isn't exactly nice either. This is a cat you don't wanna be on the bad side of. [samsamii1]







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