Warriors of The Forest


Maplestar [She-cat] [30 moons]: Maplestar is an elegant and graceful she-cat with a beautiful long tail and ember eyes. She has the eyes of a hawk and a sense of hearing like no other, her nose is pink with an outline of black and she is an average sized cat. Maplestar has a long brown tabby coat that keeps her warm through winter. Maplestar was born into the clan and she has had a normal kit-hood but the one thing she cant seem to get right is love, she had several cats that loved her at one point and she thought they were all great in their own way but she had no way of choosing so she rejected them all and ever since, she doesn't let love shift her heart. Maplestar's parents died of old age and she was glad they rested peacefully. She hopes that when she joins starclan she will be reunited with her family. Maplestar is a very calm and unshaken cat she has only one weakness and that is love, but she doesnt let love get in the way of her clan but she only likes to think its for the clan, but its only for herself. Maplestar has 8 lives left. [The Mighty Swan]


Redwing [She-cat] [43 Moons] : A slightly small she-cat with fur as black as night. Her ears have overly large tufts on them, giving her a goofy look. Small twig sized stripes lace themselves up her legs, each a rustic red. Redwing is a sweet little girl. She never gets into anybody's way, and is always putting others before herself. No hateful or rude words come out of her petite mouth, most of the time.  [Koda] Apprentice - Silentpaw

Medicine Cat

Leopardwing [She-Cat] [36 moons] She has a spotted pelt, resembling a leopard’s and she has light ember eyes. She is mostly known for her snappy attitude and her worrisome issues. She's always worrying and scolding those who get into trouble but other than thatshe's fairly kind and friendly. Leopardwing was clan born, living a rather peaceful life. She grew up without a mother and well that lead her to never know the love of a mother and since she took the rank of medicine cat, she'll never have kits but she considers everyone her own. [Lilo & Stitch]

Medicine Cat Apprentice



Iceclaw [She-Cat] [21 moons]: A small white cat with large icy blue eyes. She is a exellent fighter and very fierce. She puts her clan first and does not want kits. She is a warrior for a her clan and is respected. She has been known to be heartless because she does not play around and is very serious. [Ace] 

Graypatch [Tom] [61 moons]: Graypatch is a muscular, white tom with a large light gray spot on his right flank. He has blue eyes. Graypatch wishes to have a family oneday but also wishes to stay focused on his Clan. He is loyal, respectful, and quiet. [Ferret]  Apprentice - Stormpaw  

Brambletail [Tom] [46 moons]: A dark brown tabby tom cat with amber eyes and a quiet demeanor. He is not the oldest of the clan cats, however Brambletail comes off as wise and knowledgable. He is relatively kind, but can be stern when he feels others are getting out of line. He has a soft spot for kits and tends to let them get away with things, however an apprentice would run into a different scenario. [Berry]

Brackenflame [Tom] [25 moons] : Brackenflame is a light brown tabby tom with golden amber eyes. He's a fairly average sized cat with a bit of muscle added onto him. He's a loyal warrior, friendly, but can also be a bit of a flirt. He still is responsible besides that and is a great friend. [Amber]  Apprentice - Robinpaw

Flareshadow [Tom] [19 moons]: is a bright ginger tabby tom with a white underbelly and paws. He has one amber eye, and one green eye. He is smart, a good swimmer, a horrible climber and jumper, fast, great at hunting, and quick-thinking. He is also brave, loud, reckless, kind, descisive, herois, hopeful, inspiring, playful, protective, loving, and lovable. He is 19 moons old.[Wolfshadow]


Stormpaw [Tom] [14 moons]: He has a dark grey pelt with a few streaks of white grey, along with a white underbelly, chest and paws. He has bold green eyes. He’s a very solitary and emotionless cat, or at least he tends to act like that due to the fact he doesn’t want to appear weak to anyone. Deep down he is very insecure and yearns, for what he doesn’t say but is most certain of, love. Stormpaw knows neither his birth mother nor father; he was abandoned upon birth, being unwanted and left to die. He was eventually found by a member of his current clan and well here he is. [Lilo & Stitch]

Silentpaw [She-Cat] [11 moons] : Silentpaw is a white she-cat with brown and black tabby markings on her head, back, tail which is long and slim, and paw tips. She has piercing light greenish yellow eyes. She is a tall, lean she-cat with long sharp claws. She has thick course fur that allows any water to slip off of her with ease. Despite her mean appearance the apprentice is rather nice and friendly. She loves helping her clan mates and is the first apprentice awake in the morning. She is willing to go on hunting patrols as well as border patrols no matter what. She is an excellent hunter and a good enough fighter. Silentpaw prefers not to battle but will if it means protecting her clan. This she-cat loves kits and hopes to have a lot when she gets a mate. [samsamii1]

Robinpaw [Tom] [6 moons]: Robinpaw is a long haired bright ginger tabby tom with variations of ginger colored flecks as well as white ones along his chest. He has golden yellow eyes. He also has a bushy tail. He is very playful and loves to be around others. His personality is bubbly and full of energy. There isn't a moment this kit sits still. [samsamii1]




Heronkit [She-Cat] [4 moons]: Heronkit is a bluish-gray she-cat with white speckles covering her underbell and chest. She has light green eyes. Heronkit is a smart, charming and poised she-cat who can't wait to be a mighty warrior. [Ferret] 



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